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For Fuellox product information visit fuellox.com.au.

1.1 PreparationLink

It is important all relevant information about the system is obtained prior to commencement of installation. Certain options between installer and Client must be discussed before installation to ensure satisfaction before works take place. Additionally, identifying certain features needed in the planning stage may be critical to product success. It is imperative that the correct system type is selected for maximum benefit to the client/user. For more information, please contact the Fuellox team on 1300 557 356

Fuellox provides a remote display setting, which enables the user to access the Fuellox unit via a bluetooth configuration. This can be view through a compatible mobile device.

Fuellox has been designed that if a challenge arises with fuses and/or relays, it can be rectified with the use of a phillips head screwdriver and the appropriate parts. This ensures that if such an event occurs, the Fuellox unit can be quickly and safely repaired ensuring minimal maintenance time. The effectiveness of this system positions Fuellox far ahead of the standard fuel management services on the market today.

For a 'retrofit', detailed electrical drawings are required for complex tanks. Simple tanks may not require such drawings.

Where its a 'greenfield' installation, the installer can determine how to best design the system to the customer needs.