1.2 Power Source

Power SourceLink

The power source is referring to the power from the pump directly into the Fuellox Unit. This may include a external power source as well. The Fuellox system is designed to be utilised off smaller pumps which incorporate a 12 volt system. An expansion module is available that caters to 24V and 240V pumps.

Fuellox caters to other potential power sources ranging from hydraulic, pneumatic, and PTO driven systems. Where a pump is powered by other means we need to design a reliable way to actuate the pump to allow Fuellox to ensure secure authorisation.

1.2.1 Pump PowerLink

The pump power is referring to the power that is wired into the pump, then the pump is wired into the fuellox unit. This includes pumps that powered by 240 volt units, driven by pneumatics or a PTO. The pump from there is accessed by the Fuellox unit.

The flow is as follows: 240v outlet >> Pump >> Fuellox Unit >> Consumer