1.3 Pulse Meters

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Pulse meters vary in quality and reliability. Fuellox recommends the use of high quality components. Also note that a pulse meter should operate between 20-80% of its capacity. If a pulse meter with a max capacity of 120LPM operates at at 120LPM, it may not offer the intended accuracy. It is recommended to restrict the flow to 80-100LPM for that meter. Also be aware that the location of the pulse meter will also assist in providing accurate data. Unless an air eliminator is in use, avoid installing a filter before the pulse meter.


Never install a pulse meter on the suction side of a pump.

Fuellox also recommends not using a mechanical meter with the Fuellox system. Rarely will 2 meters provide the same result. If the customer/client requests this, its best to use a meter capable or providing multiple outputs to a remote display and the Fuellox system. Fuellox recommends the use of Flomec meters. Fuellox has had excellent results with Macnaught meters as well. Piusi meters are also good as a lower cost option, but may not be as accurate as other brands.