1.6 OverrideLink

An override event is where the system authorisation is bypassed. This system allows for a one off or occasional overrides. This may be useful if a machine does not contain a QR code, the operator has misplaced their handset or some other short-term challenge. The Fuellox unit will activate the pump, and measure the fuel used. The data is then saved to the SD Card for future app sync. In override mode the pump switch and estop continue to function. For extended periods however, continuous override will effectively create a ‘hot relay’. This will mean the relay is powered until the unit is taken out of Override mode. Long term use of override is not recommended. Its designed for intermittent use only.

1.6.1 Override ConfigurationLink

Install a Normally Open switch (NO) across pins 2 and 3 on J18. To enable, make sure the configuration file on the SD card shows: