1.7 Level Instrumentation

Level InstrumentsLink

1.7.1 Level Detection:Link

In some circumstances it may be advantageous to install a level probe with the Fuellox Unit.

A 3 Wire analog Probe must be used and is available from the IOTIQ website.

Fuellox offers a dedicated level monitoring capability, and can be ordered and isntalled to any Fuellox unit. Fuellox Level Monitor

On J7 of the Fuellox I/O, install the probe power (red) to pin 1, and the signal return (Blue) to pin 2. You will need a comprehensive detailed strapping table to ensure the level probe provides an accurate level measurement.

To enable Level, make sure the configuration file on the SD card shows:


1.7.2 IOTIQ ProbeLink

Order a suitable level instrument from IOTIQ Pty Ltd. The information that needs to specified is the tank depth and the installation fitting that is intended for use. For more information, please visit the IOTIQ Website

1.7.3 4-20mA systemLink

Use a commercially available instrument with a 4-20mA output. Read more on Level Detection with Fuellox

1.7.4 Remote Level MonitoringLink

This requirement is best satisfied with an online tank gauging solution. Fuellox does not provide a real time tank level, just the level from the last dispensing event. For these applications we would supply an online realtime ATG, that provides an output to Fuellox.

1.7.5 Local Level MonitoringLink

Fuellox does not provide a panel that shows the tank level. The data is stored in our web console and not presented to the App User. For these applications Fuellox would supply a realtime online ATG with an output to Fuellox.

1.7.6 Stapping TableLink

A strapping table relates the sensor level to the volume of the tank. Fuellox will establish your strapping table for you. Simply send us an email containing the measurements from your tanks dip stick. mm vs volume. About every 500mm is fine. Once some data has been generated, we can verify accuracy and adjust as needed.


  • At 0.1m height the Fuellox level reports 155-159.
  • At 3.0m height the Fuellox level reports 780-810.
  • For small, recangular or containerised tanks 4-5 data points are suitable.
  • For horizontal cylinder tanks 25-30 points are recommended.

1.7.7 Fuel tank AuditLink

A fuel tank is not like a bank account. If 1000L is credited into the tank, it is not possible to take out 1000L and have 0L remaining. Tanks are designed such that they are not typically emptied. They always have some left. Tanks change in size over time, and the precision on any level measurement device is unsatisfactory to give such accurate detail. Even a cheap pulse meter will produce approximately 100 pulses per L of fuel, thats every 10mL. For a typical above ground tank of 30,000L 1mm of height represents over 10L of fuel. Tank dipsticks and strapping tables can be out as much as 510%. If you take a reading before and after you double this error potential thats 10-20 error in the level according to a dip stick. The customer wil then compare the measurement that is out by thousands of litres and comparing it to a measurement from another device that is accurate to a one thousandth of a Litre. The readings will never be the same.