1.9 Time Out Settings

Fuellox has a number of Timeout Settings that can be tailored to suit the client/operator.

1.9.1 Pre Flow TimeoutLink

The Pre Flow Timeout exists as a precaution to ensure the operator commences pumping fuel within a set time. The default is 30 seconds. When an operator connects to the Fuellox unit and authorises the transaction, a preset time to commence pumping will be initiated. In the event an operator is distracted, drives away or is somehow otherwise indisposed the system will terminate the transaction and free the system for subsequent users and transactions. 15-30 seconds is usually long enough but it can be extended if needed. If the timeout is too long, an operator could potentially connect to the system and hold that connection, effectively taking the Fuellox system off the air.

1.9.2 Post Flow TimeoutLink

This time out reflects how long an operator has after flow stops whereby they can recommence pumping fuel. The intent is to make it difficult to authorise a transaction and then fill multiple tanks. The shorter this timeout the better, the use of preset volumes also assists with this security restriction. The default Post flow timeout is 60 seconds. Post flow timeout is also useful should a user neglect to turn off a pump. The system will shut down the pump on the operators behalf.

1.9.3 Error TimeoutLink

The error timeout is a value that controls a distinction between a non reportable pulse limit and a reportable pulse limit. Default value is 100. Where 99 pulses or less are detected as an illegal transaction it will not be reported. Where 100 pulses or more are detected as an illegal transaction it will be reported. The feature is to isolate pulse meter noise form hall effect meters used in a vibrating environment (ie Offroad) and should be disregarded for most use cases.

1.9.4 Residual Pulse TimeoutLink

When a pulse meter stops there is still momentum and hydraulic forces within the system. The residual pulse timeout is used to cap any residual pulses that may occur when the pump stops. Default Value = 100 This feature is not to be adjusted for mainstream installations.