2.3 Fuellox Wiring


2.3.1 Mains Power – 12VDCLink

J3 Pin 1 - 12v DC JS

Pin 2 - 0V DC

2.3.2 Pump Switch RelayLink

J19 Pin 1 - Pump Active (12v DC – Max Load 30A) J19

Pin 2 Pump - Active (12v DC – Max Load 30A)

2.3.3 Pulse Meter – ReedLink

J5 Pin 2 - Signal

J5 Pin 3 - 0v DC

2.3.4 Pulse Meter – Hall Effect from Fuellox PowerLink

J5 Pin - 1 5V DC

J5 Pin 2 - Signal

J5 Pin 3 - 0v DC

Hall effect meters can be powered from alternative power sources at times.


Please discuss alternative wiring options with the Fuellox Team to ensure your warranty conditions.

2.3.5 Terminal DiagramLink

new terminal diagram

2.3.6 Terminal DiagramLink

terminal diagram

A wiring diagram is available : Fuellox Wiring Diagram Right click and Save As to download or click to open in new tab.


All input but Estop 1 and 2 are held high by internal pull-up resisters on Arduino and are pull low by external devices, thus active low. Estops 1 and 2 are pulled low thus active low needs to be held high by external devices.

2.3.8 Wiring diagramLink

wiring diagram