2.5 Meter Optimisation

Pull up/Pull down ResistorsLink

The pulse meters that Fuellox utilises are based on reed switches and hall effect.

Lower cost meters tend to be Reed Based and more expensive meters tend to be Hall Effect or a combination of Hall Effect and Reed.

Fuellox has been designed with digital logic gates and contains "pins" that need to be correctly set for optimum pulse meter operation. Certain combinations of the pull up and pull down resistors can improve meter performance. If expected results are not sufficient, implement a combination to reach the desired result.

Pull Up/Pull Down Configuration

Item Name Description
1 Pulse Meter 2 or 3 wire, Hall Effect or Reed Switch
2 J5 Meter Connector, Fuellox
3 SK6 Pull Up Resistor
3 SK5 Pull Up Resistor - Signal
3 SK7 Pull Down Resistor - Common

Overview of Meter TypesLink

Reed SwitchLink

If odd behavior is detected or low quality signal/noise from the meter output, a combination of pullup and pulldown resistors can be used. This can enhance the performance of the switch in question. A standard configuration can be found on the standard wiring guide

Click here for more information on reed switches.

Hall effect sensorLink

The Pullup and Pulldown resistors can interfere with the Hall effect process, and small changes may be required to reach peak performance of the sensor. This can be done by implementing a combination of pull up and pull down resistors to reach the desired results.

Click here for more information on Hall effect sensors.

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