2.2 Power Source

2.2 12V DC Electrical InstallationLink

2.2.1 System PowerLink

Fuellox requires a 12V DC 1 amp supply. Fuellox will run from automative circuits, and batteries.

2.2.2 Pump PowerLink

Fuellox can switch a 12V DC pump up to 30Amps peak load.

For higher loads a higher current relay will be required.

2.2.2 Low Voltage System DiagramsLink

Low Volt Wiring

Low Volt Relay

2.2.3 12V DC Installation DiagramLink

12V Installation Diagram

2.2.4 12V Powered PTO Installation DiagramLink

12V Powered PTO diagram

2.2.5 24V DCLink

Fuellox can be ordered with a 12V-24V power adapter, or then be simply installed in the field when needed.

24V Diagram


The parts supplied convert mains 24V DC to 12V DC to suit Fuellox. It does not convert the Fuellox relay switch to 24V DC.

We recommend the installation of an automotive style 12V DC to 24V DC relay. ie a 12V coil and a 24V relay.

24V DC Pump or Solenoid Relay

Point Name Description
2 J18 Fuellox 12V DC Input
3 24V Vechilce Power Supply (24VDC)
4 12-24V 12-24V DC Power conversion board
5 Switch Fuellox Main Relay (12V DC Only)
6 Relay 12V Coil 24V power relay, automotive style
7 Pump 24V Pump or solenoid, depending on pump type

2.2.6 240V AC Electrical InstallationLink

Fuellox can work from mains 240V AC power. Simply add the expansion module to operate from mains power, and switch a 240V AC pump.


240V AC systems must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Alternatively source the components and have an electrician complete the installation.

The drawings suplied in 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 assume the recommneded Fuellox parts have been acquired from your supplier.

2.2.7 240V AC Installation DiagramLink

240V Install diagram

To order a 240V AC expansion module, please call the Fuellox team or your Fuellox supplier.

2.2.8 240V AC Wiring DiagramLink

Detailed Electrical Diagram Right Click and 'Save As'

2.2.8 415V 3 Phase Electrical InstallationLink

Work in progress. Please contact he Fuellox Team for more information on 1300 557 356

2.2.9 Pneumatic Control/Installation DiagramLink

Pneumatic cont/inst diagram

2.2.10 Hydraulic PTO 12V InstallationLink

hydraulic PTO 12V

2.2.11 Hydraulic PTO Control OptionsLink

Hydraulic PTO Control

Item Part Description
3 Hydraulics Ensure all components installed meet or exceed the pressure rating of the max hydraulic output pressure.
4 Solenoid A Three Port 2 Position Solenoid is required. Spring return is also required to ensure valve closure when de-energised.
5 Ball Valve A 2 position 3 port L type ball valve is recommended. Use a lockable valve and padlock to ensure no unathorised persons can bypass the system.
5* Ball Valve Location Locate the valve discreetly if you need to, however locate it in an obvious position if you need a 'tag out' option.
8 Pump Do not switch the PTO as other hydraulic components will inly operate when the Fuellox unit is Authoirsed.