4.1.1 BypassLink

Test the bypass by ensuring the system can dispense fuel without the Fuellox powered.

4.1.2 OverrideLink

After testing the system in normal operational mode, switch to override. The pump should immediately switch on and allow fuel to be dispensed. Note that if a nozzle pump switch is configured it will still operate normally.

4.1.3 Nozzle Pump SwitchLink

Authorise a transaction normally. The pump should not start until the nozzle switch is thrown or the nozzle is lifted from its holster. If an override has been installed, ensure testing of the nozzle pump switch in override mode.

4.1.4 E-StopLink

Hitting the Estop should terminate a new transaction AND prevent the pump starting on the commencement of a new transaction. If the 2 pole version is applicable, test to confirm the absence of power to the pump when the estop is activated.

4.1.5 Level DetectionLink

The Level Probe must also be configured in the Console. Create a support ticket and send the strapping table to the Fuellox team to have it imported and configured in the system. Once the level probe has been configured, a level measurement should be recorded in the transactions table. There is no way to see the data in the app, so run a few test transactions and then check the console.

4.1.6 Pre Flow TimeoutLink

Authorise a new transaction, but do not start any flow. The system will auto time out and complete the transaction without user intervention. The Fuellox unit will disconnect from Bluetooth and be ready for another transaction.

4.1.7 Post Flow TimeoutLink

At the end of a transaction, stop the pump flow. Do not hit stop in the app or hit the pump switch. The transaction will auto timeout upon hitting that time. There is no indicator to the user. The Fuellox unit will disconnect from Bluetooth and be ready for another transaction.

Note, if the system ‘leaks fuel’ the pulse meter will move, and in doing so re-start the timeout countdown. Ie Post Flow timeout won’t work if the fittings or hoses leak in any way.