Installation Manual Release NotesLink

History of updates to this documentation site.

1.0.2 Meter UpdatesLink

David White, March 2020Link

  1. New detail for PS100 pulse meters Section 2.4.9
  2. Fix to broken links, various locations
  3. Added PDF wiring diagram to Section 2.3.6
  4. Added Table of Contents anchor links to each heading
  5. Added new section and diagram for Macnaught ERA display integration

1.0.1 Initial ReleaseLink

David White, 10th June 2019Link

  1. Added 240V AC wiring diagram to. Section 2.2.8
  2. Added details of Pull up & Pull down resistors. Section 2.5
  3. New drawing for 12-24V relay isntallation. Section 2.2.5
  4. Added Release Notes. Section 10.0
  5. Added favicon to site.

Prior Versions & Draft ReleasesLink

Various Fuellox members, May 2019Link

Version Notes
0.2.X Launched as Release Version 1.0.1
0.2.8 Added new wiring diagrams and pullup resistor image
0.2.5 Update Resistors Section Added Low Voltage Version added